b-tranquil sleep tincture bottle
b-tranquil sleep tincture bottle b-tranquil sleep tincture bottle and packaging b-tranquil linen spray mist bottle and tincture on the mattress with packaging and pillow in the background

b-tranquil CBD Tincture

Our CBD Tincture features 750mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract and melatonin, widely known as a natural sleep aid. Studies show a dose may help to support your body’s ability to reduce anxiety and soothe stress, factors that can lead to insomnia and poor sleep.

Specifically formulated for bedtime, our CBD Tincture works naturally with your body’s chemistry, to aid quality sleep without any psychoactive effects.

You’ll feel good and sleep better knowing that b-tranquil™ is:

  • Proudly grown, processed and produced in Colorado, USA
  • Laboratory tested for purity and efficacy
  • USDA Organic and GMP certified
  • Pesticide Free
  • THC Free so you can relax without the high

Help create the ultimate atmosphere to ready yourself for sleep with our b-tranquil CBD Tincture or combine with our b-tranquil CBD Linen Spray with lavender essential oils.

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b-tranquil sleep tincture bottle and packaging
b-tranquil linen spray mist bottle with packaging

b-tranquil CBD Linen Spray

Our CBD Linen Spray features 250mg of Isolated Hemp Extract with natural lavender essential oil, known for its calming effect. Mist your pillows and linens to calm the mind and help you feel more relaxed when you’re ready for sleep.


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b-tranquil CBD Benefits

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Overall Well-Being

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Better Sleep

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